Theater Neumarkt

Sa, 30.01.2021 | 21:00 UHR

art, uprising & civic engagement – nahda!

Talk and Discussion

Over the course of the past year and framed by a collaboration between Neumarkt Zurich and Station Beirut, artists from Switzerland and Lebanon have been developing “Nouvelle Nahda”, a collaborative work between artists from various artistic fields and between Beirut and Zurich. In this talk, the collaborators of “Nouvelle Nahda” will share their thoughts, present their artistic practices and reflect on how they experienced the creation of this theatre piece, that suddenly took on a whole new dimension after the outburst of Lebanon’s “October Revolution”, the Covid-19-pandemic and following events that have changed and is still changing art, uprising and civic engagement.

With Myriam Boulos, Nabil Canaan, Anna Hofmann, Sophie Krayer, Ayman Nahle, Yara Bou Nassar, Ibrahim Nehme, Antje Schupp, Nour Sokhon
Moderation Hayat Erdoğan

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