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British Comedy

Matt Stellingwerf
Matt is without the shadow of a doubt the funniest Kiwi in the Northern hemisphere. Before moving to London, Matt – a trained criminologist – was already well-established on the New Zealand comedy circuit. His material focuses on primatology, criminology, social media, politics, and love.

Jay Foreman
The name – Jay – is not by chance: Jay Foreman sings like a bird, too. Accompanied by nothing but a battered old guitar, he brings rhyme, reason and sunshine into our dreary daily lives.

Amy Howerska
Some of Amy’s jokes wouldn’t go down well in polite company. Which is a good thing, of course. Amy describes herself as “a Polish Irish Catholic Jew, born and raised in Wales”. She went to a state school (“SO SHUT IT!”) and read Eng. Lit. at Jesus College in Oxford. Her turns of phrase are razor-sharp, her delivery is cruelly timed like a Keith Richards riff. She often appears on British telly and has written for shows like “Blue Collar”, “House” and “Burn Notice”. Amy Howerska’s jokes are depth-charges of double- and triple-edged wit – unmissable!

Duo Belvedere (musical interludes)
In their own minds, much-travelled Mario Marchisella (vocals) and Valentino Marchisella (dodgy keyboards) are the kings of the San Remo song festival, circa 1967. In real life, they sing honey-sweet Italian canzoni in the style of men who take it all with a pinch of salt. Actually, for British Comedy @ Miller’s, Mario and Marino will leave their comfort zone far behind to enter the dangerous world of James Bond.

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