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Sa, 26.09.2020 | 11:00 - 12:00 UHR
National Museum Zurich (meeting point in the foyer of the on the left)

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Simply Zurich – Treasures of local history

Guided tour of the exhibition of Simply Zurich (Einfach Zürich)

If there is a workbench on the island of the blessed, it is Zurich, the economic capital of Switzerland. Referred to as a new Jerusalem or Athens in the past, likened to a small-scale Berlin with a Mediterranean feel today, Zurich has been a safe haven for money and people, cursed and praised. Lenin prepared for revolution here. And so did Albert Einstein. Zurich's economic success: stunning. Its quality of life: top of the range. What lies behind this success story? And what about the flip side?

The guided tour of the exhibition of Simply Zurich (Einfach Zürich) is a multi-media journey through the history of the Canton of Zurich based on symbolic and actual treasures. The one-hour tour will equip you with a firm handle on grasping Zurich and its inhabitants. It offers a balanced assortment of glimpses of Zurich's multi-faceted trajectory over time by a guide who is both: a trained historian and Zuricher.

Registration required: reservationen@nationalmuseum.ch, T +41 44 218 66 00, the number of participants is limited

COVID-19 INFO: Mask obligation, distance cannot be kept.

Photo: Holiday colonies of the city of Zurich, year unknown. ETH Library, Swiss Social Archive © Comet Photo AG (Zurich)

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National Museum Zurich (meeting point in the foyer of the on the left)


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