Theater Neumarkt

Di, 26.01.2021 | 18:00 UHR

between myth and memories - lebanese film night

This evening presents two films by Lebanese directors as part of the NextStopBeirut program that accompanies the theater production “Nouvelle Nahda”. The film “Manivelle” addresses the nation’s myth making narrative through satire and archival detournement; “Panoptic” is a letter from a daughter to her deceased father in an attempt to reconcile with her country’s turbulent past.

Manivelle: Last Days of the Man of Tomorrow (Trailer)
Fadi Baki, Lebanon 2017, 29 min

Panoptic (Tailer)
Rana Eid, Lebanon, 2017, 79 min

With an introduction by Nabil Canaan, NextStop Beirut
Afterwards Talks via Skype with Fadi Baki and Rana Eid
Presented byKino Xenix In collaboration with STATION & Abbout Productions (Beirut)

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